Lamp bracket (rear)

Many people have struggled to mount a rear light on a rack - the clamps supplied with most lights need a fat tube to fit around (or at least a rear stay) - the solution illustrated here is not my own original idea, but I have improved it slightly.

It's a piece of tubing (an old aluminimum seatpost is ideal) cut to about 75 or 80mm in length and then a slot sawn into it about 60 mm long - and two holes drilled at right angles to the slot for a bolt and aero nut to hold and clamp it to the rack rail - and the top finished with a spare handlebar plug ... and why not spray paint the whole thing matt black for a professional finish?  

The slot width is cut to the same size as the rack rail it needs to fit to - it slots over like an old-fashioned clothes peg, with the retaining bolt squeezing the slot together, and also stopping the lamp's clamp sliding off.



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