Land Rovers . . .

. . . an earlier obsession!

It all started back in June 1975 when my (ex, and now late) father-in-law hired a Rice trailer to move a horse from Kent to their new house in Devon . . . well, the small Citroen he had didn't cut the mustard as a towing vehicle - a panic call for help was received . . . I had a TR6 sports car so even less use!

Some very quick thinking on a Friday evening - local paper - Land Rover* for sale - £425 - tax, MOT etc - buy it - stick a note through insurance broker's office door -  take trailer to Devon and back to Kent over the weekend - put the Land Rover back in the paper the following week.  Well, that was the theory.

The part up to getting back home (to South-west Essex) worked fine . . . but the Land Rover was such fun to drive I decided to keep it as the "second car" ... at the end of that summer we took the Motorail from London to Inverness and toured around northern Scotland (my first visit to John O'Groats ... I would have laughed if someone said I'd be back there on a bike, twice) and the Hebrides.

Pregnancy in 1976 (not me!) meant a change to a more practical second car so the Land Rover went to be replaced by a Mini Clubman Estate ... and I bought a Volvo (the original 2-series tank with the lights on all the time)

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* Land Rover, Series IIa SWB (88") Truck Cab, petrol engine - similar to the vehicle pictured.


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