The next phase

By 1980 we had moved a bit further into the country to a house with about .5 of an acre of ground . . acquired a pony and needed transport for the beast!

So, a Land Rover was the obvious choice and a SWB hardtop was sourced for me to refurbish, fit seats and side windows etc. - a diesel if I recall.  Sadly the vehicle was involved in an accident - a Mercedes skidded on ice and hit our stationary Land Rover, bending the chassis such that it was an insurance write-off.  Next up was a LWB ex-military petrol (very heavily undersealed) which we fitted with a hardtop, windows, seats etc. 

That was the second car until we acquired a Series III Station Wagon - that's the one built with 7 seats and the thin windows in the side of the roof (they're called Alpine Lights, apparently) - it was bright yellow and everyone thought it was ex-AA ... it wasn't, it had been at Gatwick Airport leading planes into the terminal gates. 

The addition of a few bits and pieces plus an overdrive unit made it an excellent vehicle to tow horse trailers ... and the subject of my new found passion ...

... you'll have to move along again


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