A new machine . . . Van Nicholas Yukon

1 January 2014 : the disposal of a number of machines and "stuff" over the past few months has freed up space in my garage and provided funds for a new and rather special machine manufactured from exotic materials  . . .  an order has been placed, more soon!

29 January 2014 : it's here and partially assembled, but wont see the road until the weather improves .... there's a piece of text printed inside one of the rear stays saying that it's " ... a  ????? masterpiece"

25 February 2014 -  the machine is now fully built, test-ridden (about a quarter of a mile in dry conditions) ... I had an aberration and bought Brooks black leather bartape for that final flourish, and to match the new black Brooks B17

... all I need now is for it to stop raining so I can take a picture of it outside (worked out what it is yet?) and ride it.

12 March 2014 - first outing on the Wednesday club run.  About 40 miles in total (lunch was near home!) marred only by the seatpin clamp being not fully tight (some slight burrs on the micro-adjust) and a bump in the road (after about 300 metres) causing the saddle to tip slightly forwards resulting in an uncomfortable ride ... not helped by the brand new Brooks B17  (I didn't have an Allen key long enough to be able to adjust and get sufficient torque on the clamp bolts)  

April 2014 - it's now done about 250 miles - minor adjustments to the torque on the crankset bolts and fitting new carbon-look bottle cages .. and a rather clever seatpost-cum-trackpump.  The verdict is - it's a SUPERB MACHINE

... oh, if you haven't worked it out yet ... it's a Van Nicholas Yukon.  I bought frame, forks, headset and stem and used the new wheels I had bought for my Galaxy together with parts that I already had - plus new mudguards and caliper brakes.

January 2015 - illness and some radical surgery has kept me off the bike since mid-May 2014 .... a small change to the machine with the fitting of one of the new Brooks C17 Cambium saddles.  Some moving around of saddles will mean that I now have (except the folder) 100% Brooks saddles on the fleet.  Hoping to be riding again by early February 2015 (that happened!)

Upper picture from Van Nicholas website - this is it now

November 2018 - rebuilt with a brand new groupset to bring the transmission up-to-date (the original build had a mix of road and MTB components with old-style bar-end shifters) - and also fitted some titanium parts - stem, seatpost, bottle cages and rack.


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