Dawes Audax Giro 600 - back in the stable

A 1998 machine purchased in December 2011 - it had not been ridden since about 2003 and was in almost mint condition, complete with Carradice Nelson Longflap saddle-bag.  I couldn't get on with the STi lever/shifters and replaced them with bar-end changers and aero brake-levers - as well as fitting new 25mm tyres to replace the original 32s and a different saddle.  A Brooks B17 saddle has now been fitted.
The machine is a joy to ride and has precipitated changes to my choice of regular Wednesday club run machine.

Picture, as purchased [I originally bought the machine on behalf of a friend, he decided he didn't want it so I bought it from him]  

September 2013 - sold ... to part fund something rather special

February 2018 - the purchaser, having barely riddden the bike, donated it at the Cyclists fighting Cancer Charity Bike Shop where I volunteer as a mechanic - I sort of regretted selling the bike so bought it back from the charity!


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