Who is Rob?

The man himselfThis is the man - and look how the picture's background and the shirt tone with the site's theme colours!

As it says on the Home page of the site, I'm a keen cyclist (and bike fettler) - I live in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Having drifted away from cycling as a result of : going to work, driving a car, getting married, having children .... I eventually got back to cycling again

The return to cycling was precipitated by the need to rehabilitate a damaged knee - after 18 months of discomfort and two arthroscopies the consultant recommended cyclng as a non-impact exercise, undertaken sitting down (most of the time) with a rotary action for the knee ... and good cardio-vascular exercise too.

After a few short rides I became more adventurous and went out with the local cycling group, Shakespokes.  Cycling holidays followed and riding with the CTC ... as well as acquisition of more bikes.

In 2014 I had a cancer experience resulting in some pretty unpleasant chemotherapy followed by major surgery - thanks to the wonderful consultants and staff at Warwick and Coventry University Hospitals I'm back in pretty good health and (after about 8 months) back on the bike in earnest!

My time is now spent cycling (as an active member of Heart of England Cycling Club), pottering about making and mending things . . . and generally trying to enjoy life.

UPDATE - in November 2016 I started working part-time in a local bike shop - that developed, along with acquring a Cytech mechanic qualification, into managing the shop full-time when the previous manager left in August 2017.


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