Revolving bicycle The collection: Present, gone and history

The collection is now (January 2017) 6 bicycles (including 1 folder) for my use - plus: 2 Pashley Pickle tricycles, 6 Islabikes and my wife's  bike.   The number of my "normal" bikes did reach about 16 and then hovered at around 12 or 13 for about four years ...  

Three chapters depict the machines : the current stock, those that have been sold or passed on and a few that are ancient history.

As may be imagined the storage of this number of bicycles presents a challenge - solved by the use of hooks to hang them  (top to tail to optimise space usage) on the back wall of the garage.  The Pashley and Islabikes machines reside elsewhere.

The garage also houses a bench, tools, grinding & polishing machines, ultrasonic cleaner bath, boxes of spares etc (not forgetting the tyres, wheels and other odd parts in the loft!)


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