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Having purchased the Van Nicholas Yukon I was delighted with the ride (albeit very limited use in the first twelve months of ownership) and in March 2015 acquired a s/h 2014 Van Nicholas Ventus Ti frame and Dedacciai carbon fork together with handlebars, saddle, seatpost, stem, Ti bottle cages etc - and built the complete machine up with some components from "stock" including a pair of wheels that came from a high-end Giant road bike and a few parts bought in.

The frame geometry will give me a pure road bike - being titanium it's amazingly light and with the low gear ratios I've chosen it should get me up hills reasonably comfortably.

Top picture from Van Nicholas website - this is it now (May 2015)

June 2018 - rebuilt with a brand new groupset to bring the transmission up-to-date (the original build had a mix of road and MTB components with old-style bar-end shifters) - and also fitted some titanium parts - stem, seatpost and  bottle cages.



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