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Orbea Gain D40 E

Having started to struggle a bit on hills I have grasped the nettle and bought an electric pedal-assist machine - in April 2018 - the Orbea Gain that has had fantastic write-ups in the cycling press in terms of quality, performance and value for money.  The plan is to ride as much as possible in non-electric mode and just use the juice to help me up the hills.  The attraction of this bike, apart from the value, was its appearance - it looks pretty much like a normal touring bike (or at least it will when I have fitted the Brooks saddle, mudguards and pannier rack)  A pic of the actual bike in the usual place beside the fence will be here soon!  Sadly something will probably have to go as the n+1 factor is getting out of hand . . . again - it may have to be the much-loved Galaxy crying


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